Monday, December 14, 2015

Dibba, Dibba, Dibba, Dibba, Dum.

I am getting ready for Christmas and New Year's Eve.  My living room is filled with boxes.  Some of them to be mailed out and some filled with Christmas decorations.  There are gift wrapped packages here and there because I don't have my tree yet.   I have walked many miles and searched for the perfect Christmas tree for 2015 and I think I have one picked out.

As you can see in this photo of the last of my petunias, we did have some snow at Thanksgiving, but it's melted and it has been raining for days.  I need everyone to put on their snow hats and wish for snow for sledding.

Mixed in with the Christmas preparations, I have been re-making the songbooks for our sing-a-long on New Year's Eve.  
 I am ready to type up the index and get the copies made.  No more, "I don't have page 71", during the sing-a-long.

The wine carboys have been moved to the bay window and are wrapped in their blankies.

I have also bottled my Plum Liqueur, which is actually called Slivovitz.

On Sunday Ann, Ellie and I went to the cafe to listen to Beth and Bruce.  It was great to see Julie and also Tim and Risa, Carolyn and Larry and a lot of other friends and neighbors.

 A little wine always helps. 

It was a bit difficult to get a good photo because of the lighting.  The music was wonderful, as always.

Beth and Bruce played and sang some beautiful songs.

I got a great shot of the rose on our table when I was trying to take a photo with the flash.

I hope everyone has been rehearsing The House of the Rising Sun and If I Were A Rich Man.  It's almost time.....

"All day long I'd biddy, biddy bum......."

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