Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Gig Location and History

In 1937 my grandfather, Jude Phillipps, owned the Northside Bar.  It has been sold many times since then and is currently owned by my friend and classmate, Scott Krause, who was also the bass guitar player in our band back in 1965, the infamous Donny Nervous and the Breakdowns.

The venue was outside - behind the fence that you see in this photo.  There are about a dozen picnic tables, an outside bar that can be set up and a stage.

 Scott loves to cook so now the bar also serves food.   The best item on the menu would be the Nebraska beef sirloin or ribeye steak.  I really wanted to taste one of those sirloins, but I just didn't get around to it.  I visited with everyone so much that my voice was hoarse by the time I left.

There is now a Wall of Fame which has hundreds of photos of rodeo participants and performers.

I tried to capture some of them but as you can see, it was difficult.

The high school band always marched in the parade ceremony which opened the rodeo every day. I didn't see any photos of the band though.  This is the only band photo I have.  Our uniforms were new.  I actually sketched the longhorn logo on the back of the uniform.  I had forgotten about that until I looked at this photo.
Kathy, RML and Mitzi

I do remember the first time I saw my brother jump off a horse to wrestle a steer in the rodeo.  I thought he was going to get killed!  I also decided that anyone who would jump off of a running horse to wrestle a steer is slightly crazy.

Lonny Leach, in the yellow cap- former rhythm guitar player for Donny Nervous and the Breakdowns drove up to visit us from Loup City.  

There were lots of great stories told while we all sat around this table.  Most of them were true.....

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