Sunday, July 27, 2014

On the Trail of the Loup and other bad boy stuff....

This is a photo of Pebble Creek.  Somewhere close to the place we always went to swim.  The water was warm and sandy.  There were always high and low spots in the creek bed as the sand shifted everyday.

The battle of Pebble Creek was fought on this spot.  There is a book written by H.W. Foght A.M., in 1906 that can be read online via the Memorial Library.  The Trail of the Loup.

My brothers and sisters loved to go to Pebble Creek because our grandparents had a farm there.  The farm was on the river and my grandfather had carved out a small pond to fish in.  Although it was several miles from town, we used to walk or bike there all the time.  We could go swimming or fishing or just play on the sandhills.  They were fun to slide down.

My grandparents farm, now owned by the Stahleckers

This isn't much of a sandhill, but there is a turkey in the photo.

This photo was taken approaching Burwell from the east.

Our house, which was across the street from the high school.  It doesn't look anything like it did when we lived there.  There was no porch.

The city center of Burwell is built in the shape of a square and the streets take off in each direction.  The Burwell Tribune has been the local paper for as long as I can remember.  I believe since 1891, but I'm not that old.  It is not on the square, but one of the side roads.

This is the location of one of our favorite places.  Back then it was called "The Spot".  It was the hangout for teenagers.  We went there for cherry cokes and french fries.  Of course there was a jukebox.

On Saturdays we spent our allowance to go to the movie.  The theater owners had what my brother called the "wall of fame".   If your name was on the wall of fame, you were a bad boy and could not go to the movie.  Don and Lonnie would always check to see if their name was on the wall of fame.  If it was, they found someone to buy them beer and off they went to have a good time.  No bad boy stuff for them.

My name was not on the wall of fame.  I do remember going to see the movie "A Hard Days Night" nine times.   It cost 25 cents to go the movie.  (I think).  I might have it wrong, but I think our allowance was 25 cents.   I would always try to get another dime from my dad for a soda and popcorn  Sometimes it worked.

The next blog will be my last one about the trip to Nebraska.   It was a lot of fun to go back and see what was the same and what had changed.  I had a great time.

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