Sunday, February 2, 2014

I could not stop taking photos!

You might be wondering just how many photos I could post on my blog?

  These are sunrise photos taken on February 1st.

And these are sunset photos from the same day.

I put on my snowshoes and headed for the Underwood's property up the hill.

As you can see, it was starting to get dark when I was on my way back.  I tried to make it to the switchback below their place so that I could take photos of the lake at sunset, but it's slow going for me to break trail going uphill with 12 inches of fresh powder.  I just couldn't make it by sunset.   Now that I have broken the trail most of the way tomorrow I will make another attempt to "reach the peak".

Yes, my Christmas lights are still on.  I leave them on until things start to brighten up in late February.  
Now you know why I love my life here so much and also why I no longer have any desire to travel.
I have seen enough of the rest of the world to have figured out where I want to spend my time.  Right here on the mountain.

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