Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Sunday Road Trip

We decided to drive to Kootenai Falls today as we have a little sunshine and it finally feels like spring.

This herd was in the middle of the road on the drive up Bull River.  There were about a dozen of them in all.  I hope they all made it across the road without a car colliding with them.

The walking bridge over the railroad tracks at the falls.

The falls were spectacular!

Stromatolites below the swinging bridge. 

Stromatolites are a calcareous mound built up of layers of lime-secreting cyanobacteria and trapped sediment, found in Precambrian rocks as the earliest known fossils, and still being formed in lagoons in Australasia. (I had to look that up, but Retired Mountain Man already knew that)  He loves rocks.  Especially this kind of rock and yes, he picked one up and brought it home.

Only five people are allowed on the swinging bridge at one time.

There were a lot of people in line waiting to go across, so I decided not to go this time, but I did get a photo.

We decided to drive to Troy and find a park there where we could eat our lunch.  RMM spotted this next on the way there.

We drove on towards Bonners Ferry and saw the slide areas where the hillsides collapsed into the highway and then we took the Samuels Cutoff Road to head home.   It was a beautiful day.

I took video of Kootenai Falls, but I apparently don't have the right software to get it uploaded to blogger.  Maybe tomorrow.

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