Friday, February 3, 2017

Taking it slowly.

The pace of life has slowed down a bit here on the mountain.  We are enjoying going for our walks and searching for tracks in the snow.  It's icy, but we wear our cleats which makes it pretty safe.  Maggie and Thompson both love it.  It's the highlight of their day along with getting to catch the ball that RMM tosses to them when he's outside.

My seedlings are growing and I have started my new calibrachoa seeds.  They are beginning to sprout, but they are so tiny that I don't have a good photo yet.  

I do have some ripe tomatoes on my plants from last summer, but it's time for the plants to go to the compost pile. 

Some of my tomatoes and geraniums for 2017.

There are 44 days until spring.  Click on the link.  It will make you smile.  Don't hold your breathe though, because you won't make it.

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