Thursday, October 20, 2016

Kolache's, Almond Crescents and Christmas Wreathe Cookies

It's another rainy day.  I think it might be the 15th day in a row.....? It is making me think of my mom and grandmother and some of my favorite recipes that they used to make.

My grandmother, Ella, was a really great cook.  My mom on the other hand, had a few "go to" recipes, but she was a bigger sports fan than a fan of cooking.  That didn't mean that she ever stopped baking her famous Almond Crescent Cookies or her Christmas Wreathe Marshmallow Cornflake Cookies.  Everyone loved them, especially the kids, because the green food coloring in the cookies would turn your tongue green.  What could be more fun!

You can find the recipe at  Yes, your tongue will turn green when you eat just one.

When Grandma's cookie package arrived in the mail at Christmas, there was a lot of "hording of the cookies".  Let's just say that they were frequently hidden in strange locations to keep others from eating them.   I do not have a photo of them, but I did find one on the Internet.  The only difference is that my mom did not make them crescent shape.  She rolled them and shaped them into little rectangular bars and then rolled them in the powdered sugar while they were still warm. They were not "dusted" with powdered sugar, they were rolled in it.

Recipe Link
 The recipe at All Recipe's is fine, but she never used almond flour.

Last, but not least are the fruit-filled Kolache's.  These are awesome.  My grandmother always filled them with the prune filling.  At least that is what I remember.  I have never been able to make them taste as good as she did.

There is an excellent blog by Tori Avey that has wonderful recipes and tells the history of Kolache's.  The photo is from her blog and here is the link.   All I can say is that they are worth the effort it takes to bake them.