Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Yes, we're still here.

Things are moving slowly on the mountain but they are still moving.  Luckily for us, we have friends and relatives to stop by and help out.  They also bring wonderful treats such as the mushrooms in the photos below.

Last summer's fires in Montana were a real boost for the spring morel hunt.  Cousin Adam stopped by with a basket of these for us.  Retired Mountain Man dried five trays of them.

Remember the guy with the Q-tip and the pocket knife.  He's back!  One of the burners on my stove has not been working for a long time.  We ordered the part, but just never got around to repairing it.   Yesterday was the day.  The "guy-guy" showed up and proceeded to fix my stove.  It required splicing, wire nuts, heating shrink wrap to seal the splice, etc.

Next, he went to work on the light in my range vent.  The bulb had broken off in the socket.

Let there be light.  It's pretty amazing that the vent fan and light still work considering it's 36 years old.  It has a night light feature that I have used all of those years.  When it wasn't working, I really missed it.

And finally, I have one question to ask you.  Do you think that Retired Mountain Man has enough firewood for next year?

We have a friend who is working on sawing all of this up.  Can you see RMM at the end of the wood stack?

Yes, it still needs to be split.

Here's a little bit more.

And more....

Yes, and there's some here....

See that log?

This is from last year.

Retired Mountain Man split these two stacks this Spring.

As for me, I am six weeks into my hip replacement recovery.  I can walk down the driveway and all the way up to Curtis and Chris's driveway without a cane.  It's really not much of a walk yet.  It's kind of a stroll, but Maggie doesn't care.  She will go for a walk with me anywhere and at any speed.

Did you notice that there's no longer a fence along the driveway?

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