Thursday, April 14, 2016

I owe Russell $10.00, but I don't know his last name.....

I am home from the hospital and my recovery is going well!  I have a Home Health nurse who comes to see me several times a week and a Physical Therapy lady who comes to see me twice a week.  You can't beat that.  100 percent covered!  Wow!

I can't say enough about how good my doctor is.  Dr. Cipriano did an awesome replacement for me.  I had very little pain either in the hospital or at home and am on my way back to being as ornery and cantankerous as ever.  Maybe a little bossy too.  No way!

The hospital staff was awesome, from the cleaning lady who kept my room clean, the recovery room docs --- ( I think I owe one of them $10.00, his name was Russell),   --- to all of the nurses.  I felt like I was at a spa.  They delivered my newspaper, coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner and responded to every buzzer as soon as they could.  

My family and friends were so supportive.  I wanted to share the photos of some of the lovely flowers they brought to my room.  All of the staff commented about how good it smelled in the hallway by my room.  One of the nurses said that someone commented about where the wonderful flower smell was coming from.  She said, "That's mine, Room 223".  Cute!

What sunshine they brought to my room!  And then there was this guy and his t-shirt!   "Pete?  Is that you Pete?"

My recovery is going so well thanks to a lot of people.  Take a look at these mushrooms that Travis brought us.  I fried up a pan and they tasted so yummy!  How could you not recover when you get to eat delicious food like this.

When I came home there was this beautiful sign made by Ben!
There was also a care package from OKC that included lots of dark chocolate and yummy treats along with many other necessary items, dried prunes being one of them.  Need I say more?  There was also delicious lasagna, pizza and pasties from Julie and David.  How about homemade cookies?  Geez.  I was spoiled.

Retired Mountain Man has been literally buzzing around the house, fetching me whatever I need, loading the dishwasher, doing the laundry, unloading dishwasher.....and it goes on and on.  He is feeling better too since he injured his back.  Soon, we will both be 100 percent and look out world!

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