Sunday, September 13, 2015

The smoked has cleared.....

....and it's time to get back to the garden.  Yes, more peppers.

Plums getting ripe for Slivovitz!  Yum!

My orange begonia just keeps on blooming.

This gig is has ended,

but the Oktoberfest gig will happen soon.  At our last jam session we had a great time with Paula and Phil, who just "stopped by" on their trip from North Carolina.  I wish I had photos, but we just played music and enjoyed some great conversation, wine and good food.

I had to dig this photo out of the archives.

It's starting to look like fall on the mountain, but most of my begonias will not give up.

It's time to get ready for cool nights.   Fall is my favorite time of the year.  I love putting up the harvest and getting ready for winter.  There's more time for playing music on those long winter nights.   Bring it on!  

One last begonia....

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