Wednesday, February 25, 2015

We're on a high....

....  of 49 degrees today.  It's spring in February which is at least two months earlier than normal.  

Retired Mountain Man's bird feeder is attracting all kinds of birds. He also has our local squirrel visiting the feeder and trying to keep those pesky birds away.  It's not working out for the squirrel as the birds pretty much ignore him.  

Poor Maggie.  It's not working out for her either.  She would really like to catch that squirrel.  He's just too fast for her.  Life is pretty slow on the mountain right now, but things are starting to happen.

 The early morning frenzy!

Please, no photos while I'm eating my breakfast.

I will post more about the latest project for 2015.   Retired Mountain Man and I are building acoustic panels for the music room....We have been working on this for several days now and we are still together.


Kristine Rolofson said...

Oh, my gosh, you have grass in February!! Love those happy birds. All we have here are hawks right now.

Kristine Rolofson said...
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Julie said...

Well, then they should be called "Morning" Grosbeaks ;)