Saturday, January 24, 2015

What does a Seahawk Superhero really look like?

I know that everyone would like to know the answer to that question.

Our Grandson, Ben, is a big Seahawks fan just like Retired Mountain Man.  He created a poster for Grandpa Jon to set next to his computer for the big game.  

Ben is well known in our family for his Superhero Costumes.  Each day he becomes a new Superhero, who fights the forces of evil on every planet, including Earth of course.  In the photo below, he is the Glue Shaper, who fights off the bad guys by shooting them with glue shapes, which causes them to be "stuck like glue".

His mother thought that he might have reached the bottom of his costume box with this one.

And finally, but definitely not the last costume....   it is so true that the apple never falls too far from the tree.  

We are all waiting for Super Bowl Sunday to find out the answer to our biggest question.  What does a Seahawk Superhero really look like?  Only Ben knows.

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