Thursday, December 18, 2014


When you have to drive 75 miles to see a root canal specialist for a consultation you know that your pocketbook is in a lot of trouble.  Especially when you use the bathroom and it looks like something from House Beautiful.

Contemporary Bathroom by Brooklyn Architects & Building Designers Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture

Of course there wasn't a shower, but the rest of it was really nice.  The sink was a very beautiful round bowl and the faucet was one of those that you need to figure out how it might work to get water out of it to rinse your hands.  Let's see, do I pull, push, lift up, push a button, say the word "rinse" .........?   When I was young, my parents never told me anything about the fact that I should seriously consider marrying a dentist.....

How did the consultation go, you might ask?  Unfortunately, I found out that I will need surgery to repair the old root canal that is failing.  In addition to that, the dentist discovered that the nerves in the adjacent tooth are also dying and it will need a root canal.  The surgical procedure scheduled for Jan. 19th looms in my future.....Ouch!

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