Thursday, November 6, 2014

I've reached the end!

I am finally finished.  Done!  Kaput!   It's over!  I don't want to do anymore of it.

The 2014 canning, freezing and preserving season is over.  

The tally:  

7 jars of Pear Maraschino Jam
9 jars of Chai Spicy Plum Jam with Hazelnuts
9 jars of Chai Spicy Plum Jam with Pecans
12 pints of grape jelly
8  jars of white grape jelly
7 jars of huckleberry jelly
3 gallons of plum liqueur
2 gallons of Slivovitz  (plum brandy)
8 quarts of dill pickles
16 jars of hot peppers
52 pints of salsa
6 quarts of dilly beans
12 pints of freezer broccoli
6 pints of cauliflower
15 pints of sweet corn
6 pints of beets
1 gallon of jalapeno peppers
1 gallon bag of ancho peppers
2 gallon bags of green bell peppers
2 quarts of roasted tomatoes
4 containers of tomato soup base
15 pounds of carrots in the crisper
37 onions hung up in the root cellar
5 pounds of shallots stored in the pantry
2 dryers of Oyster Mushrooms

And last but not least, the wine is started and fermenting in the vats.  


1 comment:

Kristine Rolofson said...

The chai plum was delicious! We ate it with pork tenderloins before leaving the lake. Thank you again!