Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Taj Mahal of Sled Run Ramps

We had a new and improved sled run ramp this year thanks to Jens and Mathis.  It came with not one, but two sets of stairs up to the ramp.  It was iced down with five spray bottles of water.  It was the most awesome sled run ever!

Mr. Kody loves the snow.  Maggie thinks he is strange.

Who is going to race next?

Stirring up some snow ice cream.

It's finally New Year's Eve and everything is ready.

The bonfire is burning and we have lots of fuel.  The lawn chairs have been brought up from the barn.  It wasn't easy as the ground heaves with the frost and the door barely has room to open.  Plus, the snow in the path to the barn is a little bit deep.  Thanks guys!

What a beautiful ramp in the light of the lantern.  It was about 23 degrees and a perfect night for sledding.

I think my Christmas tree thinks we have enough snow already.

There was some fun conversation around the fire until it was time to go inside and sing some songs.

Happy New Year!

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