Saturday, October 24, 2015

From the Beginning.....for your listening pleasure.....

On the music front I have been learning three new songs on the guitar, Dust in the Wind, Blackbird and From the Beginning.  There are many hours of practice ahead of me, but I love rehearsing these songs.

I received my next cycle of Jazz Keyboard and music theory lessons and I am ready to dive into it again.

Greg Lake, 2005 Tour

I started growing a new SCOBY(symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) so that I can make my own Kombucha.

It's a beautiful one!

Yes, those other bottles that you see are Bill's Plum Liqueur, the 2015 bottling.  Bill was here with us for a few days to hunt elk, but ended up spending the last day just hunting for his cell phone which he lost somewhere in the woods.

On the garden front:  My begonias are still blooming and even though the temp was 32.2 this morning, they are still with us.

Even the fuchsia made it.

Retired Mountain Man discovered another new dahlia blooming yesterday.  It's very pale yellow with touches of pink.  I am sorry that my photo does not do it justice.  I hope it has a healthy tuber.

This is the last bowl of tomatoes.  They are not vine ripened but they still taste good.

I dried the orange roses that Dylan and Sarah sent me and they ended up pink.  They will be fun to use in a centerpiece.

I Wanna Mooch A Kombucha From You! 
(Rich is a fabulous pianist)
Rich Dworsky and The Exchange Street Band 
Take a listen as it will be a great start to your day.  

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