Wednesday, October 8, 2014

No more tomatoes please......

Yes, I'm still working on putting all of my gardens to bed and storing everything for the winter.  It's difficult this year because it's still summer on Oct. 8th.  There were more ripe tomatoes.  How many tomatoes do I have?  Multiply this bowl times 15 and you'll have an idea.

This is my final harvest from the garden except for a few clusters of leaf lettuce that I left in my raised beds.    It's a 2nd planting of carrots which actually did pretty well considering the amount of time they had to grow.

I loved hanging up my prayer flags for Ann.  They look very pretty and are sending love and healing her way.

Today is grape picking day.  The Concord grapes are ripe and very sweet.  It has been so warm that even our green grapes are getting sweet.  I think I may have enough for a carboy of white wine.
It was a great year for the garden and it's going to be another beautiful day.

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