Sunday, January 26, 2014

Have you lived your life as well as Griz Eileen?

We helped Griz Eileen celebrate her 90th birthday!  

Did we do it right?  (Does she look good or what?)

 "Are there really 90 candles on my cake?", she asks as she starts counting the candles.

Let the lighting begin.  It would take four big guys to complete the task!

Which one of those candles was the year I was born?  What about Don's candle?  Kathy's candle?  Mitzi's candle?  And baby Roy?

Of course she would not make a smart remark about just how old I am.......

Whoa!  Is it getting warm in here?  Where's the fire extinguisher?

One puff.........And they are out!

Are you spending your time doing what you want to do with your life? 

 While I hope you have many days ahead of you, just as my mom does  -  you really only have this moment, so make it count.


Julie said...

Yay, Griz Eileen!! There was, indeed a fire-danger, and we really left there with an intense sugar high, but we also left fully impressed and in awe of this spunky, inspirational lady! We should, absolutely, be inspired to action by those 90 candles counted! Well said, Connie!

DJB said...

Very humbling to realize what she has seen and done in her 90 years over twice my entire lifetime! A very cool and classy lady. Was great to see her so happy and actually smiling for some photos!