Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Did you think you could escape it? Do you have Griz Eileen genes?

I haven't posted for quite some time as I have been in Montana helping out my mom, Griz Eileen, who is 89.75 years old.  She fell and broke her knee cap two weeks ago.   I don't think her doctor can believe how fast she is healing.  She is now allowed to bend her knee 90 degrees as long as she is wearing her brace.  She has to use a walker, but that is barely slowing her down.  We are all hoping that we have inherited some of her healthy longevity genes!

Not only is she healing well, she is kicking our butts in the football pool and has been in the lead for three weeks.  She is an amazing woman.

The hunter

One of her favorite things to do, fishing.  This time on Seagull Charters.

She spent the weekend with us at Lunch Peak Lookout.   Of course while we were there, a young man and his elderly father drove up to the lookout.  His father happened to be from North Platte Nebraska and used to announce the Nebraska football games on the radio there.  Griz and Eileen and the announcer enjoyed  a conversation about Nebraska football history, players, and coaches........

Roy and his Cornhusker barbecue grill

And just what is she doing here?  Well, she is at Carlos and Charlie's in Cozumel, Mexico.  She was dancing in the conga line, drinking shots and is standing on a chair dancing to the music.  She has insisted ever since that she "did not do that".

Champagne anyone?
Having some fun on the cruise

Don't worry Ben.  This Grandma will love you, support you and encourage you in everything you do.  Never forget how lucky you are.  You have Griz Eileen genes

You can't escape it.

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Julie said...

Yes! And, we all have an alternate motive when we cheer, "Go Griz"! ... Griz Eileen, that is!
It was good to see you, however briefly, while you were in our neck of the woods caring for her!

(In the Carlos and Charlie's picture... notice the look of respect on the young girl's face! Spunk to aspire to boys and girls!)