Sunday, November 24, 2013

All in one day!

We started our morning with lots of Evans Brothers Coffee and a nice leisurely breakfast.  Then it was time to go to work.  Things needed to be done.  Once son David gets going he never stops.  He is kind of like the Energizer Bunny. Do you remember that commercial?  He just keeps going and going and going......
Ben driving Grandpa's computer

We all went outside to watch David and Grandpa finish taking down the rain gutters.  I don't think the temperature got above freezing.   Brrrr.   It was cold.  We definitely needed a fire in the fire pit.

Ben did have fun with his sled.  Although there is not a lot of snow on the ground, what is left is really hard and quite slick.  It's perfect to sled down the small hill in the front yard.  Especially if you are four years old.

Next, the guys discuss how to install my new light, which is bigger and heavier than the first one.  Modifications would need to be made.  Since they are "guy, guys", modifications are a piece of cake for them.

I need Tim to come back and carve out a slot in the top of my beam to conceal my lighting wires.   Retired Mountain Man thinks that's another one of my crazy ideas.   OK then.  I will have to buy some kind grape leaf decorative vine thingy to cover them up.  Still more modifications.

TA- DA!   

I should warn you that there's a dragon in my house.  Or is it a whirlwind?    I am are not sure.

We ended the day with a venison hanging up in the basement.  Hooray!  Meat for the winter!

What a great day!

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