Saturday, October 26, 2013


The rock path is finished.  I have been working on it all week long.  I dug out all of the sod, hauled in sand and set the rocks one at a time.

I set one very special "rock" in the center of the path.  One of my best friends, Julie Schultz,  made this for me several years ago.   I think of her often.   She was a very special lady.

 I even planted some lemon thyme in the spaces between the rocks.  The grass will probably outgrow it but it worth a try.

Now all I need is that light fixture......

Retired Mountain Man has been working on getting his dahlias out of the ground and into the root cellar.  Our forecast calls for very cold temperatures next week.  Time is up for doing any work in the garden or flower beds.

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Julie said...

Looks really nice! Great job! When are you going to the massage therapist? ;)