Saturday, July 13, 2013

We add some wood and we take away some wood......

Take a look at this beautiful pile of lumber.  Trav, Rod and Jon have been cutting it for a couple of days and Trav delivered it yesterday.  

In a few days our front porch will not look the same.   On Tuesday, Tim the carpenter and skilled craftsman (also known as Tim, the drummer), will begin our project by pouring the pad and building the new set of stairs.  

The view of our front porch will be very different by the Oyster Party.

While we were admiring our new pile of lumber, Thompson, our neighbors dog and our adopted Grand Dog, was stealing our firewood.  This is not uncommon.  
Every time Thompson comes over to visit, he steals a piece of firewood and takes it home.  He doesn't always make it all the way to his house with the wood, sometimes it's left on the trail between our two homes.

Caught in the act!

Off he goes with our wood!

Maggie makes a feeble attempt to keep him from taking it.  Thompson tells her he was here first and he is in charge.

Will we have enough firewood to keep warm this winter?  Only Thompson knows.  The neighbors will be warm though.  We may have to move in with them.

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