Friday, July 5, 2013

Not our usual 4th of July Parade......

This year it seemed like it was the same old routine to get ready for the 4th of July parade in Clark Fork, but as you know, nothing is ever the same.  

The theme of the parade this year was Clark Fork History.  Our truck was decorated as the Clark Fork Ferry.  Our sax player, Mike, came up with the creative waves for the front and sides of the float.

 We decorated the float and the band practiced on the 3rd of July.  The morning of the 4th began as usual.  Mathis dressed in his costume (he was going to be running after the ferry with suitcase in hand, trying to catch a ride) setting off fireworks in the street.

 We had Second Line participants from Atlanta dressed in their 4th of July best!

At about 8:45 a.m. things began to change.  The inverter for the PA system would not work.  What is an inverter?   It is a DC to AC power inverter and we had to have one to have sound for the keyboard and the bass guitar.  

Mike said he had one back at his house so he got in his car and drove as fast as he could back to Hope.  

Mike returns with the inverter.
The electronic technicians worked frantically on the inverter problem.  On.  Off.  On. Off. Nope.

Pretty girls on their horses waiting in line.

The inverter didn't have enough power to run the PA so only my small keyboard speakers worked.  We had to go with what we had.

And now for the next change.  See the machine behind our float in the photo below, I think it's some kind of lift.  A young man walked up to our float driver and said he had a special favor to ask of us.  When we got to the corner of Hayes Chevron, would we please stop while he proposed to his girlfriend and then would we play a song.  Of course, we were happy to be part of the plan.

Notice that the sign says, "Go Wampus Cats"!

 Nina, it turns out, was sitting in a chair at the corner by Hayes Chevron.


 She said, "Yes"!

Mom ends up with the bike and the costume.  Where is the kid?

Later that afternoon, we went to the "Saw Contest" to watch Trav compete.  

This little guy thinks he did really well!  He was right!  He won!

The Cougar Creek Band and Scotchman's won too!  Best Adult Group in the parade.  Another trophy!

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