Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What some people will do to catch Kokanee...

Last weekend was the annual Father's Day fishing trip at Lake Mary Ronan.  The guys stayed in Cabin #1.  All the comforts of home and its located right on the lake.

This is the "are we having fun yet" photo.  It doesn't look like it was raining - yet.

Retired Mountain Man gets geared up for rain and cold.  I hope he doesn't fall in the lake because he will definitely sink to the bottom with all of those clothes on.

OK, so it's raining now, but they were catching fish.

I heard that in the middle of one of the thunderstorms, RMM lost his red hat.   He convinced the rest of them that they needed to turn around and go back to net his hat.   I think they risked life and limb just to retrieve "THE" red hat.

By the time the rescued the hat and made it back to the dock they were pretty soaked. Here's a photo of them hanging up all of their wet clothes to dry.

And a nice shot of Dave trying to warm his cold wet feet.

I heard that a lot of poker was played and that JP was the big winner this time.

Here they are.  
The little jewels.  
Smoked Kokanee is in our future. 

 While the men were all fishing at the lake, the girls and I along with the grandkids went to Missoula for some fun.

The fist night Griz Eileen went with us to take Ben to the Arcade at the bowling alley.  Here he is trying out the basketball game.

We met up the next day at Currents, the water park at McCormick Park.  Erin, Max and Aylssa met us there along with Melissa, Collin and Rylee.

It was too dark to get very good photos.  If you look closely you can just see Collin's head as he walks up for about the thirtieth time to go down the water slide.

There was a small slide for toddlers.  It was perfect for Max and Ben.
This was Ben's first time at the park, but it only took a few minutes and he wanted to go down the big slide.

After the water park Collin and I went to see the new Star Trek movie.  I'm not sure who my new favorite character is in these new Star Trek movies, but I think it is Spock.   It was also in 3D which was a first for Grandma. 

 The whole group went out for breakfast, did a little shopping and then it was time for Grandma to "beam" home. 

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