Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Peeps anyone?

 Do you know anyone who actually eats those marshmallow peeps Easter candies?  I do.  Retired Mountain Man loves them.

The Easter Bunny showed up and dropped off lots of chocolate and other goodies for Collin and Rylee.  

Retired Mountain Man was lucky enough to get his favorite Easter candy, Peeps.  (3 dozen)

By the afternoon the weather was so nice we had to go for a hike.  

We had to ford Cougar Creek and both kids very excited about attempting that.   They couldn't wait to try to get their feet wet.  The rest of us went upstream to find a place where we could just jump over it.


 I will say that our pace heading back down the hillside was probably not fast enough to burn many of those chocolate bunny calories or peep calories.

We were going to try microwave "peep jousting" but forgot. 

 It's really fun.  They swell up as they cook in the microwave and the winner is the one with the peep who lasts the longest.

Retired Mountain Man will eat peeps until he gets sick.  I think he plans to start with the pink ones.  Then the yellow ones and finally, the blue ones.  Ew!


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isthereanymorepie said...

I like them, too, but only if they're really, really stale!