Wednesday, April 17, 2013

2012 Wine Tasting Test Results

The tasting results:   all four wines are too acidic.  I added potassium carbonate to all of the carboys and will wait a couple of weeks before tasting again.  

The white wine will need a bit of clarifying but with a little work it should be ready to bottle in another month.

We had visitors while I was in the middle of my wine testing.

 Maggie didn't notice they were there, but once it was pointed out to her she was after them!

We  have had several days of very cold and windy weather here.  This morning's low temperature was 24 degrees.  I need it to warm up and decide to be spring as my Red Robin tomatoes need to be moved outside to the deck.  The all have tomatoes ripening and I need the space they are taking up for all of my other veggies and annuals that I have started.

It's time to have some sunlight on these plants.



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