Thursday, March 7, 2013

We loved Costa Rica! You will see why.

We are on a bus in Limon driving to The Sloth Sanctuary for a tour.  I am taking photos from the bus.  I am not on the ocean-view side of the bus, but this is a sample of what we saw as we drove along.

Two-fingered Sloth

Three-fingered sloth

On this part of our tour our guide was the grandson of the woman who started the sanctuary.   Sloths are very susceptible to disease from humans so we could not touch them.  We just got to look at them.  They seemed to be very curious about all of the people standing around looking at them.    This one is trying to look back at the people behind him.

He would really rather be taking a nap.

If you would like to view a cute video of the baby sloths, check out the youtube video below.

The best part of this tour was the canoe trip through the bayous of the Estrella River Delta.  The

Poro Tree  (orange)

 The Poro Trees are beautiful.  What makes them so beautiful is that when they bloom, they are leafless.  It is the dry season of the year so the trees conserve water by dropping their leaves and then blooming, which also helps with pollination.  Poró extranjero (meaning "foreign poró"), was introduced to Costa Rica from its native South America specifically as a shade tree for coffee.

Why so much information about the Poro Tree?  They were so colorful and all along the bayou they were dropping their beautiful orange blossoms onto the water.  

Great Egret

Howler Monkey

 This was the best photo I could get of one of the monkeys.  They were everywhere.  You could hear them, but they were very difficult to see in the jungle.


 This little guy was also very difficult to see.  We were probably about 5' away from him.  He was hiding in the foliage.

Old Termite ball

 These bananas are too seedy for us but the animals love them.

We canoe underneath this tree

 There is a bat hanging underneath.

We are in the last canoe.

Butoroides Virescens
Green Heron.  He flew off and it was amazing how large he was.  He didn't look that big sitting on the branch.  There were too many people in front of me to get the photo of the liftoff.

After the canoe tour we went on a walking tour.

I grew one of these once.  I think it had one branch.

 Yes, there is a spider in the photo above and a very large web that you can barely make out.  The light just was not right. (or maybe it was the photographer)

I don't know what Retired Mountain Man has in the bag, but it must be important.

After a very nice lunch of fresh fruit, (NOT Retired Mountain Man's favorite), we are back on the bus headed for the ship.

 Our tour guide shows us this blossom and the paste made from it.  In Costa Rica it is added to recipes for both flavor and color.   Anchiote Paste.

Next port:  Ocho Rios, Jamaica - 651 nautical miles.  

 We have traveled 3568 miles on the Island Princess for a grand total of 10,093 air and nautical miles.

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Wow! Costa Rica looks AMAZING! BEAUTIFUL! And, the sloths are SO CUTE!