Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Last Port of call. We are so sad.

Ocho Rios. Our tour takes us to Dunn's River Falls. The falls start from the beach and is about 180 feet height and 600 feet long. We are going to walk up the falls which takes about and hour and a half.

Dunn’s River Falls are fed by spring water, which is rich with calcium carbonate and is depositing travertine. Such waterfalls are described by geologists as "a living phenomenon" because they are continuously rebuilt by the sediments in spring water.

 Dunn's River Falls is one of the very few travertine waterfalls in the world that empties directly into the sea.

The photos are courtesy of D. Ramey Logan.  We were told by our first tour guide that we could not take our cameras on the hike up the falls.  We put our cameras and other things into a locker and went to the beach and then found out that our guide who would actually take us up the falls, would have carried our cameras and taken pictures for us.

We did purchased a video of all us hiking up the falls, but it is too long to post and it can't be edited.
 Plus, I have taken a vow that there shall be no video of me in a swimsuit published on the Internet.

The falls are beautiful and at first the water seemed cold, but actually it was not.  It was difficult going at the bottom where the waterfall was the strongest, but it is a very slow hike.  I needed a helping hand most of the way.  Retired Mountain Man refused to go as he would get wet.

 Congratulations to OKC Malcom and Linda, who went all the way to the top!  The rest of us quit after the first section, which turned out to be the most difficult.

We like the falls but did not like the vendors in Jamaica.  The only way to exit the park was to walk through their gauntlet of vendors, who were very aggressive and in your face all the time.

As we waited for the bus to take us to our next stop, I took some photos of this tree and the blossoms.  They didn't look real and they even felt like they were plastic.

 I wish I could remember the name of the tree.  I searched for it on the Internet with no luck.

 The dolphins put on a show at Dolphin Cove.

 There were also sharks. 

The water off of Jamaica was so beautiful.

Next:  A day at sea and back to Fort Lauderdale - 743 nautical miles.  Then we board our first plane for the torturous trip back to Spokane.  Total miles:  14,606.

I still hate flying.