Saturday, March 30, 2013

Just sit down and think about it.

    Our 3 year-old grandson has left to visit his other grandparents, but I am still amused by his thought process.  He is working so hard at figuring out his emotions.  When he is upset that his parents are asking him to do something he really doesn't want to do, such as put his shoes by the door instead of the middle of the kitchen, he will hem and haw about doing it and then plop himself down in a chair with a scowl on his face and say, "I'm just going sit down and get a grip!"  

     That is exactly what I need to do.  My Zen exercise plan has flown out the window.  Yes, I am exercising here and there, but not every day as scheduled.  I need to just sit down and "get a grip" on it. 

My trigger for doing my exercise is not working.  I need a new one......
    In the meantime, I need to move on toward an entirely different mode today.  Let's say it is closer to teenager mode.  The next group to visit us are the Kalispell Burkharts.

EEEEEK!  Oh no!  Not teenagers!  

    Those poor souls who hormones are starting to rage and they don't know what the heck they should be doing with it all.  The stage when they want to be treated as an adult, but they act like a spoiled child.   

"My parents don't know anything!"  Oh yeah.   

  Take a deep breath.  

           Better take another one.

     We will be moving into the realm of video games, movies, ipads, etc.....The teenage Easter Bunny probably raps or does some weird dance.  Who knows?

    I do know they grow out of this stage.  Our last grandson to visit us this Easter will be the college student.  Yes!  They do finally grow up.   He only has one more year left and he will graduate!  Yes! Yes!  Yes!   
     Get a grip, grandma!


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