Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ah, the sweet January blah days......

The past month is now a blur.  The Christmas tree is bare and moved outside to RMN's burn pile.  I have most of the decorations in their boxes in storage until next year.  The place is almost back to normal mode.

There was so much excitement and fun this holiday.  We opened many packages, some with a lot of laughter, some were homemade goodies that we are looking forward to enjoying, and some which were practical, but needed.   All of them thoughtful gifts from family and friends. 

 Retired Mountain Man and I are lucky enough to enjoy two Christmas's.  I like to call them First Christmas and Second Christmas.  Our Second Christmas is near New Year's when the Kalispell Burkharts and the Hamilton Burkharts are here.  We draw names and have a White Elephant gift exchange which is the event we look forward to all year.   I was the lucky winner of the Rick Santorum sign.    It still had the scotch tape stuck to it so there is a good chance it was stolen from the Rick Santorum headquarters somewhere in Montana.  It's probably one of the reason's he lost the election.

Thanks to my grandson, Dylan, I also became the proud owner of a Lady Gaga singing toothbrush.

which then became the door prize at the New Year's Eve Party.  It now has a new home with the Heisel family.    (How could someone with the name, "Gaga", be called a lady?)

 We are now in the middle of what I call the "blah days".  The excitement is over.  No more Euchre hands, Settlers of Catan board games, sledding, singing, getting up early in the morning with all of my grandchildren (without mom and dad), as it's grandma time, and watching the three-year-old running around the room nonstop for..... how long can he do that without stopping? 

 No Dylan (the college student grandson), you don't have to get up with the younger ones.

That is not to say that I don't like the Blah Days.  I have time to read my new books, play my guitar and piano, bake bread, play with my watercolors and plan for the next event which is not far off.

Mardi Gras will be here on Feb. 10th.  The band has a gig on Feb. 8th at the Hope Cafe which is just over a month away.  Practice, practice, practice.  Plus, there's time to enjoy the sunrise on the mountain each morning.


isthereanymorepie said...

You GAVE AWAY the Lady Gaga Singing toothbrush????!!!!!!

DJB said...

Thanks for all your hard work mom! It was as fun a bunch of holidays as I can remember! The snow sure adds a whole new dimension to the season and it was great fun sledding together. There is something magical about watching your kids sled and play together the same way we did when we were little ones.
Love to you and Dad!