Thursday, July 12, 2012

Whew! Hot enough for you?

Yes, we complained about the cold, wet, rainy weather and now we get the opposite.  
Last weekend we went on a road trip to Montana and it wasn't any cooler there.  Our destination was the Big Hole, but on the way we stopped in Victor and Hamilton to visit friends and of course, Ben.  

We meet baby Finn.

At the Big Hole Battlefield we learn about the battle between the Nez Perce and the army.  This is the barrel from the Mountain Howitzer General Gibbons planned to use to fire on the encampment.  They managed to fire two shots before a group of warriors overtook them. 

1873 Trowel Bayonet
 The soldiers used the trowels to dig pits in the ground during their retreat.

Bow, quiver and arrows used by Five Fogs.  Unlike other warriors, during the attack he did not use a gun.  He stood in front of his tipi shooting arrows.  The soldiers fired on him three times and missed.  The fourth round killed him.

A warrior was in the dead tree in the photo.  He killed 14 soldiers from that position.

They say that when the Camas flowers were in bloom, that from a distance they looked like blue lakes.  They were not in bloom when we were there but we did get a chance to see and touch some Camas Bulbs that the Indians dug, dried and ate.

Next stop was Jackson, Montana and the hot springs there.   Retired Mountain Man and his sister got to vacation there many years ago.  The resort was called the Diamond Bar Inn at the time.  We were there during their Jackson Days celebration.

Small Arms Impact Area

We had lunch and left before there was any small arms fire.  We drove on to Bannack, the first capitol of Montana Territory.  Bannack is a ghost town.  A real ghost town.  Not commercialized as in Virginia City.

                                                     The Skinner Saloon. 


The bad guys ended up in there.

Modern washing machine in the doctor's house.  Notice it is the "improved" model.

One view of the Big Hole

Ben and Aunt Linda in their version of the  4th of July Parade

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