Thursday, February 9, 2017

It's a Snow Joe!

Our new tool.  The cost was $99 with free shipping.  We had six inches of fresh snow and then rain.  It took about 15 min. to clear the deck.  It's a lot easier than a shovel.  It weighs 25 lb.   

 We bought it just to get the snow off of the deck.   We found out about the Snow Joe from Jens, who used his to clear the snow off our barn roof on Sunday.   There was 20 inches of snow on the barn.   It has been pouring rain here since sometime last night with more to come.  It's a real mess out there.  

Our "big" snow blower, the Cub Cadet, has no trouble throwing the snow.  It can get a little high centered sometimes because I have the skids set as high as possible so it won't throw the gravel in the driveway.  I'm very glad we don't have to shovel the snow except in a few places.

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