Thursday, May 8, 2014

What's happening on the mountain.....

The band celebrated Cinco de Mayo with Mojitas!  Well, we did have Discada, beans and a Mexican rice dish.  Yes, it was all really good!

Neil, our master bartender, prepares the Mojitas!

I have moved most of my plants to the deck to enjoy the warm sunshine.

I have quite a few tomatoes on my Red Robin plants.

The pansies, petunias and geraniums are starting to bloom!  Yay!

And last but not least, Retired Mountain Man found these.......

I fried some of them for dinner and the rest of them went in the dehydrator.


  1. That's it! I am packing my stuff to come live with you! You have way more fun! You'll save a Mojito for me?

  2. It might be too late for the Mojitas, but I'm sure we'll have something good this Sunday since it's Mother's Day.