Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy Birthday to son #2

We knew he would grow up to be a great dad!  One who wouldn't mind dressing up as the Cat in the Hat for his three-year-old son on Halloween.

Or hanging out with his college student son building a computer or telling sharing stories about his  Forest Service fire-fighting days and more........

Happy Birthday to a great son, husband, dad, chemist, carpenter, hunter, gardener, painter and general Mr. Fix it guy.  He is following in his dad and older brother's footsteps in that he is one of those "guy guy's"  You know, one of those guys with "skills". 


  1. And CUTE... don't forget cute! He really is dreamy!
    That reminds me ... I need to buy Q-tips. He can do a lot of things, but he can't build a shopping mall without Q-tips ;)

  2. Look at the size of those feet! Those are ginormous baby feet! You must have thought you had given birth to a sasquatch! ... oh, wait...

  3. They do look kind of big, don't they?