Saturday, March 10, 2018

This is a very happy guitar.

I know it doesn't look like there could be a happy guitar inside this case, but there is.  It is well-traveled and played at hundreds of gigs with some really talented musicians.   

I've been looking for an electric guitar for quite some time and it's really difficult to decide which one.  So far I've tried out a Les Paul, a Gibson ES 335, a Fender Strat and a Telecaster.   

There are many features that make up a great guitar. So many, that it's mind boggling to a novice.  I have learned in my searching that guitars have personalities.  It just has to be the right fit. 

This is a 1961 Guild Starfire lent to me by my friend, Bruce Bishop.  Originally, it had a cherry finish, but most of it has worn off except on the back.   

Guild Starfire
Isn't that a great name?  Starfire.

It was missing the pick guard (notice the wear) and he played it so much that he wore off the frets and had to have them replaced.  This guitar has played some great music.  A lot of great music which is another reason that it's a very happy guitar.   I will also note that the bridge on this guitar was replaced by none other than Ben Harper back in the days when he was doing instrument repair.  Ben Harper = happy.

I am playing a guitar that Ben Harper probably played....just sayin'.
Bruce shared some of the interesting pieces of memorabilia he had left in the case with Retired Mountain Man and I.   Photos of friends, family and some of his fellow musicians recording at his studio and his house.  One of the photos was of a Yamaha grand piano which he said was tuned every day before they began recording.  I have my piano tuned twice a year.  

Bruce is not only one of the world's most talented guitarists, he is also a composer and owns a recording studio, Bruce Bishop Music

He once played with a group called the Hot Pecans.  Here's a copy of their schedule in 1990.   

 A preamp design....

The big questions is -  after 57 years, how does it sound?  It sounds really good and it's one of those guitars that plays like butter.   It's a blast to play which means this could finally be "the one".  I am looking for a used one just like it and have found one on  They're still out there.

It is a happy guitar.  Just look at that face! 

The Hot Pecans - Bruce Bishop, David Millard, Smokey Stover and Roy Durnal.  Great solo at 1:45.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Bermuda anyone? or Puerto Rico? How about Cabo?

Okay then. 

It's snowing again.

Our forecast is 4-7 inches today. 

No worries. 

I'm going to be alright.

I am not going to binge eat chocolate.....

 Jon has already used the SnowJo on the deck.  Maggie keeps watch because that machine might need herding. It could get out of line.

I am baking bread today and once it is out of the oven I'm going out there to run my snow blower.  Time to clear the walkways. 

(I swear I have not been eating dark chocolate covered blueberries while I am baking the bread)

Friday, November 3, 2017

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Final preparations for winter.

We are ready for the snow that's in our forecast.  Retired Mountain Man has been burning his brush piles.  Most of his dahlias have all been pruned, dug up, divided and marked for storage until next year. 

We have enjoyed some very beautiful fall colors in the early morning hours and the evenings.  It has been spectacular.

Here it is.  Our first snowfall.   There are still a few leaves clinging to our birch tree.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

The frost is on the fuchsia.

Our first snowfall for October 2017.  Winter forecast?  I hope not.  My begonia and fuchsia plants are both still blooming during the snowfall but this is truly the end of summer 2017.

I don't mind the snowy and rainy weather since today is jelly-making day.  It's finally time to do something with the grape juice and to make one of my favorite jams, Hot Pepper Jam.  It's so good on cornbread or as an appetizer on cream cheese with crackers.